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The 19th-20th century

The 19th-20th century

Kärdla Harbour

Kärdla harbour was established after the construction of the Kärdla Broadcloth Factory (in 1830) to facilitate the transport of raw material and production. Originally, the harbour belonged to the Hiiu-Kärdla Broadcloth Factory and in the 19th century, it was the only harbour on the island that had foreign trade rights. The harbour operated between 1849 and 1944, initially just as the harbour with the highest goods turnover on the island, but in the beginning of the 20th century, a passenger service line between Kärdla and Tallinn was launched, which operated until the beginning of WWII.
In order to facilitate the entry into the harbour, three landmarks were built in – two in Kärdla and one in Lehtma.
The central structures of the harbour were the quay measuring 142 meters and big stone harbour warehouses. The goods were carried from the quay to the warehouses by horses. For this purpose, a railway was built on the quay, on which barrows with goods moved pulled either by horses or pushed by manpower.
Kärdla Harbour was destroyed on the eve of WWII in 1944.

Harbour Warehouses

Out of the warehouses that belonged to the complex of Kärdla Harbour, a wool store built in 1849 has remained, which was used for storing the big bales of wool dispatched for the factory from Australia and New Zealand. The building was built of limestone and covered with lime plaster.
Next to another harbour warehouse, there was a wide harbour gate and the two-storied limestone building covered with lime plaster accommodated the harbour office. The building was completed in 1849 and the storage that served as a harbour warehouse was commonly known as Viinaladu (Vodka Warehouse).
After WWII, the buildings were used by the Hiiumaa Consumer Cooperative for storing goods. At that time, when the icebreaking power of ferries was very low, winter supplies had to be brought to the island and stored already in autumn before maritime transport stopped for winter. The popular names Salt Store and Vodka Store originate from that time too.

The 19th-20th century
The 19th-20th century
The 19th-20th century

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