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Approach along the Kärdla leading line 162.2° - 342.2° (2 Fl W 2s; white rectangles with green stripe on metal framework).
The fairway begins from WP1 - 59°03.70’N; 22°43.35’E. After having reached the WP2 - 59°00.73’N; 22°45.19’E steer to     WP3 - 59°00.63’N; 22°45.30’E.
Entry around N mole light Fl G 2s (white rectangle with a green stripe on a green metal column, with balcony).
E mole light Fl (2)R 4s (red metal column).

Kärdla Marina
Sadama 28/30, Kärdla
92411 Hiiumaa
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